Recover My Files V4.6.8 License Key

Recover My Files V4.6.8 License Key


Recover My Files V4.6.8 License Key

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How to read the text from of a page?

How to read the text from tags of a page without downloading the entire page?
For example if a page contains:

I don’t want to download the entire page, only the image src.
I tried it with this snippet but it seems to be downloading the entire page.

function readImg(xhr) {

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();

xhr.addEventListener(‘load’, readImg);‘GET’, »);


Although there is already an answer to your direct question, I’ll add some background information.
The Request Protocol
When you make a get request using XMLHttpRequest, it works based on the HTTP 1.1 Request Protocol.

HTTP 1.1 uses the GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, and DELETE HTTP methods to transfer data. These methods are used to perform requests on the World Wide Web.

What that means is that the browser requests information from a server using certain data

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