Ascella Log Monitor Plus 2.0.0 Crack Product Key

Ascella Log Monitor Plus is an application that was designed to be an agent for event log monitoring and management software.
It follows the health of a server or workstation hardware, software and operating system on all computers in your network. Makes system administrators’ everyday job easier by taking care of critical events registered by Windows event log.







Ascella Log Monitor Plus Crack+ With Product Key Download

Monitor the health of servers and workstations in your network in real time.
Retrieve important events from Windows event log files for monitoring the health of your system.
Receive alarms and alerts when there are critical events that have not been detected, or when any errors have been triggered.
Allows remote monitoring of multiple servers and workstations, distributed across several subnets.
Remote monitoring and management of servers and workstations, distributed across several subnets.
The interface is very easy to use, requires no specific configuration and the administration interface has no more than 25 buttons, so it is possible to control a lot of things without being overwhelmed by the choices. There are four main areas for configuration:
*The Scenario* is the first part of configuration.
As a result, it is easy to start using Ascella Log Monitor Plus.
*The Dashboard* menu is a central point for the monitoring of all available servers and workstations.
*The Server Configuration* menu is where you manage your servers and workstations.
*The Administration* menu allows you to manage and configure the configuration of Ascella Log Monitor Plus and its configuration.
For more information about the configuration of Ascella Log Monitor Plus, check the help file that comes as a standard component. It is accessible through the Help menu from the main screen or via a button on the top.
Ascella Log Monitor Plus Simple Design
Ascella Log Monitor Plus is designed to be simple and accessible to anyone.
It has a very user-friendly interface with a minimalistic design and easy navigation.
Moreover, since this software is distributed as a portable executable, you will not have to install it on your computer if you have an Internet connection.
Ascella Log Monitor Plus supports unlimited number of users on both local and remote computers.
Download now and monitor the health of your computer systems!

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Ascella Log Monitor Plus Crack Activation Code [32|64bit]

* Monitor your important Windows Event logs.
* View items in the Event Viewer.
* Enumerate all the System and Application Error messages.
* Just a few clicks are all you need to make your daily job easier.
* Just follow along and you will see all the different ways to look at things.
* View specific event logs or just let Ascella Log Monitor Plus look at it all for you.
* View all your event logs (in the past and in the future).
* Look at any number of event logs simultaneously.
* Analyze which items have the greatest impact on computer performance.
* Analyze which event logs are the most frequent for a particular computer.
* Analyze which event logs have the largest number of items for a particular computer.
* Analyze which event log is the slowest or if it is OK.
* Easily view notifications and web-based items.
* Find out if there are critical notifications that are not presented to the users.
* See all the errors and warnings you are used to getting.
* Make your work easier by automatically scanning all the important event logs for you.

Key features:
* Can monitor any number of computers that share the same event log.
* Support all Windows operating systems, including Windows CE.
* Can monitor event logs or specific event types in event log.
* Can synchronize all event logs of a computer over the Internet with a central server.
* Use default events or custom events (with specific windows or items).
* Read directly from event log without files.
* Can monitor applications related to Windows NT, 2000 or XP.
* With Ascella Log Monitor Plus you will never make a mistake again when configuring events for your application.
* Can synchronize all event logs of a computer over the Internet with a central server.
* You will never miss a critical event again.
* If there are critical errors or warnings in an event log, you will get notification.
* Can analyze which items have the greatest impact on computer performance.
* If there are errors, Ascella Log Monitor Plus will create a log file for you.

* This software has received regular updates (evolution and bugfix).
* This application requires Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 8.

Download Free Demo version of Ascella Log Monitor Plus. Try it before you buy it!

Ascella Log Monitor Plus With License Key

– Watch and monitor Windows Local and Domain logging & System events
– Software performance statistics
– Import, process and export your own custom event logs
– Network or local location history
– Support CSV and XML files
– Configuration is simple and easy to use
– Import, process and export your own custom event logs
– Network or local location history
– Unmonitored server will not be backed up
– Automatic email alerts
– No data backup
– Unlimited number of history
– Windows Server, Windows Server 2008/Windows 7
– Microsoft.NET Framework 4.0 or later
– MS SQL Server 2005 or later
Minimum system requirements
– CPU: 500 MHz
– RAM: 512 MB
– Storage: 5 GB disk space
– Free trial
– 30-day guarantee
– Full license: $199
– Laptops and Tablets with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 will be supported
– Upgrade licenses are available: single user license, up to 8 PCs/Laptops and 2 Tablets
– Additional licenses to include more PCs/Laptops and/or Tablets can be purchased
– Software is compatible with Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and later
– All serial keys are automatically renewed for year unless otherwise stated.
– Full license is automatically renewed upon renewal, as long as the same license key is used.
– Lifetime License Key: WT2O-XXXXX-BBB-1234-GGG
Trial Key: WT2O-TTT-1234-GGG

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What’s New In Ascella Log Monitor Plus?

Ascella Log Monitor is an application that was designed to be an agent for event log monitoring and management software.
Ascella Log Monitor will display the health of your server or workstation in a friendly manner with a time-based chart where system administrators’ job is much easier by taking care of critical events registered by Windows event log.

Ascella Log Monitor Help and Features:

Ascella Log Monitor Help
The help file is provided in two formats. The first one is in plain English and gives you a quick and easy access to Ascella Log Monitor help topics. The second one is written in plain English. It provides a link to Online Help.

Ascella Log Monitor Help Topics:

The help topics shown in this video are those that we think are more useful to you to help you get started. You will find a quick access by using the menu options on the right or by accessing the  help button. Of course, if you need some help with one of the other help options, then you just have to select it, so press F1 to access the help window. You will also find some tips and information on how to use it from our web site. You can see it in the video or just scroll down the page a little. The page you’re on is:
Ascella Log Monitor Help By pressing F1 you access the Help Window. You will see the following:

Opening help window: Ascella Log Monitor Help.

In this help window you will find this window:

Ascella Log Monitor Help – In this window you can see the help topics by clicking on them.

With the help topics you will get a clear view on the topics of Ascella Log Monitor. In this video we could only show a small list of help topics Ascella Log Monitor. You can find a complete list in our Help Page. You will see in the following topics.

Setup/Installation: Ascella Log Monitor Setup and Installation.

Ascella Log Monitor Basic: The Basic Help in Ascella Log Monitor.

Network as Cella: On this help topic you will find all features, that are available in Network as Cella. The name of this software is also Cella.

Summary: On this Help topic you will find a summary of features in Ascella Log Monitor.

System Requirements:

Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows NT 4, Windows 95, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
Intel® Pentium® III (1.0 GHz minimum, 1.2 GHz maximum) or AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 (1.0 GHz minimum, 1.2 GHz maximum) with Dual Core or Triple Core technologies
64-bit OS
2GB RAM (4GB for Vista, 8GB for XP)
1.5GB hard disk space (2GB for Vista,

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