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An 80-year-old man with a penchant for real games in a story of right and wrong.n This is a story about the decisions that a person makes in his life, and. about the victory of each of us over the negative decisions we make when we are young, when we think that we will not be able to find ourselves and will not be able to live up to our dreams.
Not far from the central park nestled an old cottage, no more than five minutes from the coveted lawn. It is behind it that the five-story houses of the club «Member» stand. It is here that on Fridays and Saturdays their electorate comes to choose the head of the administration, which will become the main point in the history of the city.
And we decided to come in and see how Will lives.
Will has every chance of becoming a real mayor of the city, but he needs to become even better. According to Will, for each of his jambs, a staff of new officials should immediately be responsible.
1. Governor’s cottage
In 2012, when Bill Clinton was the Democratic presidential nominee, he invited President Paulson and exposed him to residency in his hometown so that he could set an example for the entire population and show how effective he is. No one understood why he needed this unexpected gift and how exactly to use it.
2. Outdoor toilet
Winehall-River Lake Street boasts an outdoor toilet located right on the sidewalk. The toilet is organized for those who stay at the hotel on the shore. How do you like the idea?
3. Street where they sell donuts
Some waterfront dwellers would have to show a minimum of activity to live up to their name. It must be sleepy here and not much going on.
4. Memorial sign
This is a sign to honor all those whom Bill and George failed to elect for mayor, and some voters were very hopeful that this would happen.
5. Donut Shop
The other day, Bill was already making attempts to talk to the locals about the beautification of the city and expressed some concerns about how things will look in the next election. Now he decided not to deviate from his main goal – to teach the inhabitants of this city how to live. He has recruited a few «sticky» reviewers who will check and evaluate everything that happens on the street.
6. Food
Back in 2005, this section of Vineyard and Wine Road was considered one of the busiest in the city. But after



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