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A web browser game that takes place in The Lands Between and tells a world that has been divided into 13 Kingdoms by the «Gods». In the game, players take on the role of a Dark Lord that wields a sacred sword and guides the fate of his people. Follow the destiny of a player-controlled character known as an «Elden Lord», and fight monsters together with his/her friends in a world that has been divided into 13 Kingdoms by the Gods.
Key Features:
1. Asynchronous play – With a feature that allows everyone to play while connecting to the server at the same time, you can enjoy the game even with no friends.
2. Create your own character – With freedom to freely change your body and hairstyle, customize your favorite character in order to create your own story!
3. Fantasy Drama that tells a Myth – Free from the burden of complex settings and trite stories, the game connects your head and heart, as you travel with a multitude of characters and fight against monsters in a world in which the Gods exist.
*Some features may differ depending on the platform.
• A unique fantasy MMO that seamlessly combines RPG and Action genres.
• More than just a game in which you can freely create your own character and build your own world, the game boasts visual effects that will enthrall you!
• The action RPG with a web browser game.
• A game to live the fantasy of becoming a new Elden Lord with a character of your own.
• Worlds must unite.

Fantastic Stuck is a Web Browser game that brings to life the

world of Dungeons & Dragons, which has been very popular for


After moving out to the Dungeons & Dragons-styled city of

Fantastic City, you finally have a chance to find your


Explore the map. Uncover the secrets.

Buy items. Level up your cards. Make friends.

… And maybe even win the battle?


1. Dungeon Exploration
Discover new dungeons and items on your quest to level-up

2. Card Battle
Use cards and stand on your opponent’s turn to win your

3. Character Building
Create your own story! Customize your hero with over

450 amazing card items!



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Storyline and character development.
  • Online multiplayer play.
  • Customization.
  • Introduction of the new exploration system.
  • Battle and Arena.
  • New combat system.
  • New level system for the completion of the trial mode.
  • FINAL FANTASY XIV Online servers can be online approximately 15 hours a day.
  • Legislation regarding paid game downloads:

    We have received numerous inquiries about the use of paid downloads on the PlayStation Network in Japan. To allow the use of paid downloads on the PlayStation Network, we are introducing the following provisions, which apply from the launch of FINAL FANTASY XIV Online on the PlayStation Network on January 21, 2015: Article 1101 of the Act on Copyrights and Performing Rights of Authors of Full-Length Motion Pictures and Other Audio & Visual Works
    Payments for applications for paid downloads on the PlayStation Network
    Under the provisions in Article 1101 of the Copyright Act, a copyright owner may require payments in exchange for provisions that enable the application for paid downloads of works to be made available to users on the PlayStation Network (for example, a screen shot for free access to advertisements). The relevant provisions are as follows:


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    Character Level: 30 to 50; Skill Level: Level 2 to Level 10

    In a future where humans have overpopulation to look forward to, the government holds a race called the Ashen, which was founded with the sole intention of preventing that problem and providing cheap labor. The Ashen, however, are bred to be childlike laborers that are easily controlled. When the Ashen youngster Kite is forced to work for the ruling officials, he will have to struggle to stand up for his cause.

    Kite is a playable hero in this patch!

    Character Level: 30 to 50; Skill Level: Level 2 to Level 10

    Enjoy, our hero Kite who appeared in the second episode of the DemonEpisode on March 29th as a playable hero, and search for unique equipment, skill effects, and other rewards for leveling up!

    Fantasy action RPG Demon Episode 2nd Chapter Ending, Episode 2: Kite will also end on the 29th. Level up, customize your character, and enjoy the content along with the DemonEpisode.


    The DemonEpisode present Fang art that you can enjoy in the game! We bring you a preview of the latest art as a gift. The DemonEpisode are also giving away the Fang art as bonuses to those who participate in the giveaway.

    The DemonEpisode will give away Fang art as bonuses!

    Customer notice: The notice is given on Mar. 26th.

    Fang art that you can enjoy in the game! As well as giving away Fang art as bonuses to those who participate in the event, the DemonEpisode will give away Fang art as bonuses!


    The DemonEpisode will be giving away a rare armors, an EX Terminator, and exclusive Fang art as a prize to those who will participate in the event.

    (Save Ultimate Fang art and you will be able to participate.)


    [Ended] The DemonEpisode will be giving away Fang art as bonuses to those who participate in the event!

    [Start] The DemonEpisode will start giving away Fang art as bonuses to those who participate in the event on Mar. 25th

    [Winning Time


    Elden Ring Crack + Free Download [Win/Mac]

    ▶ This is the 1v1 battle (group mode) system.
    You and your opponent will fight against each other at the same time and the player with the greatest strength wins.
    The 1v1 battle system is a mode that allows you to pit your weapons against your opponents in one on one combat.
    The game will randomly select the type of battle for you. You can select from the following three battle styles:
    1. 1v1 (grudge match)
    2. 2vs2 (team battle)
    3. 3v3 (counterattack battle)
    The player with the largest amount of strength will win.

    ▶ This is the tag team style of game.
    Swap your character with your opponent’s. The player who enters the fight in the nick of time first wins.
    In addition, the player who is attacked will have a chance to play defense and a counterattack.
    Defense is used to defend the character, and a counterattack is used to attack the opponent from a side direction.
    1. 3v3 (counterattack style)
    2. 5v5 (team battle)

    ▶ This is the team battle style of game.
    Swap your character with your opponent’s. The player who enters the fight in the nick of time first wins.
    The players will fight against the team of your opponent. You can select a character of your own.
    A player will have a chance to defend or fight the character of his opponent.
    In addition to this, the player who is attacked will have a chance to play defense and a counterattack.
    1. 1v1 (grudge match)
    2. 3v3 (counterattack)
    3. 5v5 (team battle)

    ▶ This is the 3v3 battle (counterattack battle) mode.
    You and your opponent will fight against each other at the same time. Each player will take turns to attack or defend.
    The player with the largest amount of strength wins.

    ▶ This is the 5v5 battle (team battle) mode.
    You and your opponent will fight against the team of your opponent. You can select a character of your own.
    You and your opponent will take turns to attack or defend.
    The player with the largest amount of strength wins.
    ▶ Try out the 1v1 battle, tag team style of game, team battle style of game, or 3v3


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Initial Impressions
    November 28, 2015

    Having played a trial version of the game for two weeks, I’m rather excited to try a more updated version. To be honest, the impression the trial version gave was…Thanks to information from Famitsu and VideoGamer.com, I’m pretty sure the confirmed title for Brave Frontier 2 is Brave Frontier 2 (ブレイブフロンティア2). Frontier comes from FFVIII Episode, so the second title for this franchise is Square Enix’s fourth game in the Brave Frontier series. As you can see from the name, it’ll be available for both iOS and Android….Inquisitive readers might wonder why the game’s name’s been linked as Brave Frontier 2 for all these years and how it’ll have an Android port. Well, it’s still closely connected to Brave Frontier: Let’s Adventure back from the year 2004. The game’s original introduction said, “Trials by ‘Message of the Zeiss.’ Growth through ‘messages of the Cross.’ Defeat the world!”. It also had a subtitle, “New Fantasy Action RPG. Trials by ‘Message of the Zeiss.’ Growth through ‘messages of the Cross.’ Defeat the world!”. Despite the lack of cross, there’s a chance that the Brave Frontier 2 title’s subtitle, ‘New Fantasy Action RPG.’ is linked as part of the original message.

    The one short video I’ve seen out of Brave Frontier 2 and Sentai Filmworks’s CFK-1899 anime is the opening video. I’m personally looking forward to it and I’m hoping for the same talent that used for Brave Frontier’s opening to return to the series. Sadly, I’m not expecting any major new information. As I just said, the Brave Frontier 2 trial version is in a pretty early state of development, even after how it’s been coming along with development information here and there.

    It looks like Brave Frontier 2 will be a stand alone game, instead of the continuation of the first game. It’ll have a new story, new enemy characters, new dungeons, and new


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    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Download the Crack file and install it to your Desktop.
  • Run it and press ‘Play’ to start the Crack Installation Process.
  • After the installation process ends, you will get a Crack Elite Course, which allows you to easily activate the game for offline use. In addition, it makes it easy to install the game on the PC in the future.
  • Features of Elden Ring:

    • World of Addictiveness: With amazing graphics and animations, the world of Elden Ring paints a magnificent image.
    • Simple Controls: Simpler controls and a more immersive experience, including different methods of attack and dodging.
    • Customization: Change your appearance, weapons, and armor.
    • Rich in Storyline:
      -An epic drama that juxtaposes the journey of the “Ten Fingers” with the battles of the Silver Blades.

    • Customization:
      -Incorporate all 5 Attributes in your power.

    • Ample of Game System:
      -Carries out a variety of game systems, such as the AEG (adjustable genius), Varia (variety of trees), and fengshui.

    • Unparalleled Online Elements:
      -Online Multiplayer and Asynchronous Online Crafting. Exchange items with your friends!

    • Hundreds of Monster:
      -Hundreds of wonderful monsters, each with a unique attribute. Considered to be one of the strongest RPGs available online.

    • Truly Open World: See the entire world in 3D terrain and explore in first-person mode. An open world in which a wide variety of environments become accessible.
    • Diverse Battle System: A variety of skills and battle systems, such as Magic and Physical Combat, a refined combat system with cool animations that evoke excitement.




    1. – This product contains DEMO software. The game is not complete. The unlocked content is accessible in the full version. 2. </



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1
    Processor: 1 GHz Pentium 4 or Athlon 64
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: GeForce 6200, ATI Radeon™ 9200 or equivalent.
    Hard Disk Space: 10 GB
    Processor: 1 GHz Dual Core
    Memory: 2 GB RAM



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