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The story is set in the Lands Between, a place between life and death. Humans and Elden are divided by a large body of water, the Green Sea. Elden are born through the power of knowledge obtained from the sacred goddess and bestowed upon them by the beautiful goddess, Aurelia. This magical life force turns the humans to be known as the Children of the Lantern.

The Magical Children of the Land Between, the Elden, possess the power of the Lantern, and now dwell in this world as servants of the Goddess Aurelia. However, the land between life and death is in a precarious state, as the Water of the Green Sea is rising, and the Lantern’s sacred power is dwindling. Moreover, the old knowledge has been passed on to the new, and the influence of the children is growing. One day, as they are fleeing to the human world, an Elder calls on the children’s help.

The Fantasy Action RPG, Tarnished, is coming to the Nintendo Switch with awesome story and characters who aren’t imitating the past but drawing inspiration from the past.


Nippon Ichi Software, Inc., founded in 1998 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan is best known as the producer of innovative games such as the action RPG, Disgaea, the action-packed Tales series, the challenging puzzle game series, NIS America, Inc. and Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. in North America and NIS America Inc. in Europe, and the developer of many other series and original IPs. The core of Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. is its studio. The studio’s roots are formed by the combination of its own developers and other developers Nippon Ichi Software, Inc. chooses to work with. From that, they grow into strong companies. The company believes that stable cooperation between companies is important and seeks to nurture the growth of its talent and values with a business mindset and foster a deep connection to its own developers.

© NIS America, Inc. Tarnished is a trademark of NIS America Inc.Particulate matter (PM) is composed of solid suspended matter and the number of particles in the air has become larger and larger over time due to the improvement of industrial production technology. With the increase in particle concentration, diseases such as respiratory system inflammation, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and acute respiratory infections will all inevitably


Features Key:

  • Diverse Story
    Imagine an action RPG adapted from a classic tale in which the story is interwoven with twists and turns.
  • Eruptions of Beauty
    The world of Elden and its creatures come to life, allowing you to experience vast yet carefully planned worlds.
  • Overwhelming Creatures
    Summon monsters using the link with the ancient memories that wait within you. Intelligent and aggressive monsters. Each upgrade and weapons and armor skins you equip further protect you.
  • Unity in the Sword
    Shoot magic and monsters from the back of your horse. Draw your sword with the spear in your hand, or smack monsters with a weapon. Wherever you are, your sword will always be there for you, even when you enter deep dungeons.
  • New Characters and New Monsters for the Online Arena
    A wide variety of unique monsters will appear in the online online arena, spread across maps, dungeons, and traditional events.
  • Charging Attacks from a Distance
    Be always prepared with quick attacks that unleash powerful multiple hits.
  • The Skills of Giants
    As the one to install their combat equipment, your monster becomes a true giant. Acquire a permanent buff that deals massive damage and gives your moves a strong effect for the blow!
  • Climb the Ladder With Others to Reach the Top
    Unlike traditional action RPGs, the three difficulties include beginners and advanced users. If you know the basics of the game, you can easily play on the easiest setting.
  • A Campaign Based on a Story with Many Endings
    If you want to revisit the story over and over, quest through the story multiple times, while enjoying it.
  • Every World Is Unique
    Be transported to a self-explanatory and confusing world where monsters jump around and attack in strange ways. Players can freely leave and enter at any time.
  • Customizable Character
    Like other squad members, your character can freely switch between free and real-time battles. You can even take a rest and then quickly get back in to enjoy the action.
  • Fantasy Action RPG: Ragnorag (MONACA) comes to PC and PS Vita


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    – Choose your own story with multiple paths (Draft Story)
    – Build your own character
    – Experience thrilling, epic battles
    – Use items, attacks, and Magic
    – Engage in an immersive role-playing experience
    – Take on challenging missions with up to three different AI-controlled characters

    From the product page:

    ■Character Customization and the Draft Story:

    Through «dressing» (changing a character’s appearance) or «speaking» (customizing a character’s dialogue), you can create a character that matches your imagination.

    You can also experience an alternative story in which the characters you create and the events you experience are different than in the Draft Story.

    While traveling through a world full of twists and turns, your character’s relationships with other characters (including enemies) will grow.

    There are various ways to customize your character. For example, you can create a character with a distinctive appearance by changing his/her face, hair, or clothing, or you can interact with the character in various ways, such as speaking to him/her or giving him/her a gift.

    ■7 Different Types of Characters:

    – Warrior: A strong yet persistent character who can be relied on.
    – Mage: A fighting-type magic user that commands the powerful magic of the Elden Ring.
    – Rogue: A versatile character who can do whatever he/she wants.
    – Mage-Sorcerer: A combat-oriented mage who sets traps with ease.
    – Monk: A calm, spiritual fighter that uses «ki,» a kind of stamina.
    – Priest: A kind, powerful character who uses «priestry.»
    – Wizard: A physically strong mage who commands powerful magic.
    ■Discover a World Rich with Life:

    Play the game to experience the Lands Between, the world where the different parts of the world are connected. You can see monsters, monsters, and monsters, as well as traps.

    Monster monsters monsters and traps.

    ■Direct Multiplayer with Party System:

    You can go to another player’s game and use his/her characters, or you can play against up to 3 AI characters.

    The party that has been selected will be updated by the AI. By entering a game, you can play with up to 4 other players. You can collect items, buy skills, and play the game with a combination of up to 4 other players.

    ■Player Battles that Te


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Sony’s PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®4 Pro are
    new gaming platforms that lead the next generation of gaming.
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    Discus and Debut come preloaded with software for consistent
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    Discus and Debut comes preloaded with software for consistent
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    you to stream gameplay online at anytime with your friends from their consoles, PlayStation
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    The Play4Free Day One Edition includes:

    Unreal 4 (PSP)

    BioShock Infinite (PS3)

    Tears of Agony

    Never Alone

    Fishing Sim

    Mare Loremus


    Streets of Rage 3


    Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares

    Mortal Kombat (PS3)

    Jewel Quest

    Echoes of Time

    Open Feint


    Free Elden Ring [March-2022]

    1-Move the game folder, located in the installation directory, to the steamapps directory.
    2- Start the game as administrator in your terminal.
    3- The game will ask you to activate your Steam profile.
    4- The game will launch a new window where you have to select your account and click on activate.
    5- To play, press the launch button.

    The crack of the game is distributed on launch to any persons who have the option to download the crack only.

    How to play ELDEN RING:

    You will start the game as a Tarnished…

    You will start the game as a Tarnished Nobleman who is trying to discover the truth about the history of his world.

    You will discover the Elden Kingdom at the center of the world that was once thought to be a desert, inhabited by barbarian tribes…

    You will discover a mysterious chronicle that mentions a once great civilization, and several art pieces that point to a tale of creation.

    You will be able to venture in a giant tower and meet an elder that will explain to you the story of this land.

    You will learn more about the world…

    You will learn more about the world that is separated from your own world by a veil of darkness. You will need to get through portals to discover the mysteries of the Lands Between.

    You will meet seven powerful Elden Lords in various situations to aid you in your quest…

    While being guided by grace, you will earn greater and greater power and be able to develop your skills.

    There are four races in this world…

    The four races of this world are known as the Chirchils, the Theodals, the Eldenos, and the Seludos…

    The Chirchils are the people who live on the earth, the Theodals who live in the skies, the Eldenos are the people who live in the light that was hidden, and the Seludos are the barbarians who live on the fringes…

    You will gain the Elden Ring…

    The Elden Ring is the ultimate weapon and the only way to travel through the Lands Between to reach the Elden Kingdom…

    If you choose the path of the Seeker, you will experience a new world full of magic, a place where you will encounter various types of battles, a new universe, and a unifed purpose…


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Connect the internet
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    • Enjoy the installation message
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    • Wait 5 Secs

    TAG ENGLISH /1/2 /3/4

    TAG EDOCRATED / Select English (US)

    TAG LAN / English (US)/2


    Elden Ring: Trials Between The Faceless Ones

    function Advert()

    // Fast ticker

    <iframe src


    System Requirements:

    For Windows XP Users:
    Install DirectX 9.0c
    For Windows 7 Users:
    For Windows 8 Users:
    Install Visual Studio 2012
    You can find most of the tools needed to build Android by downloading the SDK. Download the Android SDK by selecting “Android Developer Tools” in the Android Developer Console. Once you download the SDK, you will need to install it. We recommend that you have at least 2 GB of free space on your computer.
    Select the Android SDK Manager, and install the following items as specified:


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