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MongoDB Replication and WAN

We have a MongoDB replica set, 3 members, all on WAN1 and WAN2. There is no round robin.
I have a few questions:
1) How does MongoDB map a write in one server to a write in another if they are on different WANs?
2) Is replication usable if we have just one WAN connection available (e.g. WAN1)?
3) What happens to a write if it is on WAN1 and it is disconnected – it gets queued to WAN2 but WAN2 is not alive?
Any thoughts or comments on this?


I’m guessing that you have an external load balancer or something else between your clients and your data centers, because else your clients are going to see WAN1 and WAN2 as distinct network addresses when issuing requests to the MongoDB servers. The load balancer will translate a given request from your client to a request to the correct MongoDB server, and at that point it’s up to you to ensure that writes reach the right server.

There’s a built-in concept of a data center in MongoDB. It’s called a replica set. Within a replica set, writes are replicated to one of three servers, which is determined at insert time by which server’s disk currently has the least free space.
To help clients find a replica set member that isn’t currently hosting the data they’re writing to, client libraries typically use a round-robin DNS strategy to find the hostname of any replica set member they should be writing to.

You haven’t said how you’re geographically deploying your replica set, but if your replicas are spread out over a few geographical regions then a single-WAN deployment won’t be adequate to make sure that you can catch write failures.

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