Band In A Box Torrent 14l 👌

Band In A Box Torrent 14l 👌


Band In A Box Torrent 14l

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Buried in the English Channel, 30 miles off the coast of England, lies the small island of Alderney. At the end of World War II, Alderney was the site of a POW camp for German officers. Six of those officers escaped the camp and remained in the Alderney tunnel. They tried to keep their plan secret. The tunnel had not been used for many years. Alderney became a holiday destination in the 1950s and 60s, but the tunnel was always there waiting to be explored. In late November 2001, one of the officers, Oscar Kammerer, contacted a filmmaker working for Channel 4 television. He had a year to live, and wanted to preserve the memory of the tunnel. The team found many tunnels that stretched for miles. But it was the Alderney tunnel that was more remarkable than the rest. It lasted for nearly 30 years. The cut-through was original. The team was able to explore

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