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I have always been interested in the idea of living and working in a different country. My husband had been to Shanghai and Beijing a few times before, but he was very excited to go back to Hong Kong, and I got the urge to do the same with my daughter. I’m excited to share my experiences with you.

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Velka Ruda lies in the historic Lesser Poland area, on the banks of the river Bug, in the Sandomierz Basin, and is on the route of the historic trade route between Western Europe and the Orient.

Neighbouring towns
Velka Ruda is bordered by the towns of Stary Sącz and Kamieniec and the villages of Kowal, Mędzyborze, Modlin, Motycz, Rybczyn, Sędziszów, Siędziszów, Tuczępy, and Wola Wojciechowska.

The town was first founded at the end of the 17th century, during the reign of King Jan III Sobieski. To the south, Velka Ruda was bordered by towns of Stary Sącz and Kamieniec. To the east, the town bordered Wierzchlas, to the north-west, Ostroróg, and to the west, Strużów. The name comes from the Polish word velký, meaning great.

The first mention of Velka Ruda in written documents is found in the founding charter of the town of Stary Sącz in 1596. At that time, several villages were united to form an estate owned by the owners of Stary Sącz.

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